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Workshop: Vehicle Routing under Uncertainty


International Workshop

Vehicle Routing under Uncertainty



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September 23rd, 2015

TU Dortmund HG 1 HS 3

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Potential participants are invited to come to the workshop. No fees will be imposed.

We kindly ask you to register via to simplify the meeting organization.


Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs) are hard combinatorial optimization problems with real applications in many areas where goods have to be collected or delivered. Different variants and extensions of VRPs exist to model practical situations. Although the computation of the optimal solution even for the simplest forms of VRPs is NP-complete, nowadays several approximate and heuristic algorithms are available to solve even larger instances of the different variants of VRPs with sufficient accuracy.

However, in most practical situations, the knowledge about system parameters like travelling times, customer demands or time windows is incomplete or changes over time. The resulting uncertainty about the system is usually not considered in the optimization problem which may result in too optimistic or even wrong results.

There is a need for approaches that consider uncertainty in the VRP and compute optimal solutions with respect to the incomplete knowledge about the system. Different variants of modeling uncertainty exist that include stochastic approaches and parameter bounds. Although VRPs with parameter uncertainties are even more complex to solve than fully specified deterministic VRPs, nowadays applicable algorithms exist to solve such VRPs of a moderate size.

The workshop shall bring together researchers that work on different aspects of VRPs under uncertainty.





Prof. Peter Buchholz, Prof. Uwe Clausen (TU Dortmund)
Welcome and Introduction


Prof. Daniele Vigo (University of Bologna)
Recent Advances in Heuristics for Vehicle Routing


Iryna Felko (TU Dortmund)
PH-Graphs for Solving Shortest Path Problems with Correlated Edge Weights


Coffee break (HGI/HS4)


Dr. Fabian Meier (TU Dortmund)
The Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem


Lars Eufinger, Jannis Kurtz (TU Dortmund)
Min-max-min Robust Optimization for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem


Lunch (HGI/HS4)


Prof. Wolfram Wiesemann (Imperial College, London)
The Robust Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Under Demand Uncertainty




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Research Training Group 1855

Discrete Optimization of Technical Systems under Uncertainty


Workshop Organization
  • Peter Buchholz  (TU Dortmund)
  • Uwe Clausen (TU Dortmund)
  • Fabian Meier (TU Dortmund)


Important Dates
  • Submission of Abstracts:  August 15, 2015
  • Notification:   August 1, 2015
  • Workshop:  Sept. 23, 2015


Call for Papers